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Pauline Noland
About Pauline
About Pauline




I started playing fiddle at the age of eight years old at a family reunion and house party, with a grand repertoire of 3 tunes. 


At the age of 12 years I began strumming on the guitar and singing.


My first amateur gig was at the Royal Victoria Hospital in my free hours from work entertaining my coworkers who were my first critics.  These co-workers also acted as my managers and encouraged me to participate in amateur shows such as La Poune et Sa Troupe at the National Theatre, Blue Sky Review at various theatres and the Sailor’s Club for the veterans returning from the war.


In 1950, I joined the Montreal Musicians Union and became part of the Kitty Bass Jamboree Pals.  I was Guy Carpenter’s replacement as back-up fiddle player and singer.  It was here that I polished up my fiddle skills which had not been used since I left the fiddle on the farm at the age of 14.  Some of the highlights where I played were:


          Regulars on the CFCF Hometown Jamboree

          Guests on the Don Messer Show in Halifax

          Guests at the Yacht Club in Halifax

          Guests at the Veterans Rehabilitation Hospital in   Halifax

          Guests on Channel 5 in Malone New York with Smiley Willette

          Guests with Dick Curless in Sherbrooke Quebec

          Guests with Lucille Starr


       In the late 1950’s, my younger sister, “Claudette” joined the Jamboree Pals and we entertained the audience with live radio shows from CFML from Cornwall run by Mr. Chevrier  as well as participated in game shows.


               In 1958 the Jamboree Pals moved to Masson Quebec with a one year contract which lasted for over four years. 


               Along with the Masson contract, Gerry Williams landed a contract with CKOY and needed a back-up band, and chose the Jamboree Pals.  We had the honour and surprise of introducing Ted Daigle to our country music fans as the new DJ.                               


In 1962 a happy event occurred with the arrival of my son Todd into my life.


My music next took me “up the Pontiac” for the following  8 years, from Val Dor throughout Rouyn-Noranda. 


In 1963 I formed my band the “Country Pals” and was fortunate enough to have musicians such as the Desmond Brothers, Quincy and Roger Damphouse, Joe Teeven, Denis and Gilles Pilon, Pete Lajoie and Joe Pino playing in my band. I also worked with Ron McMunn and many other musicians.  Around this time, I further had the honour of introducing Julie Lynn into my band who became a well-known entertainer.


In 1964 I hosted my own T.V. show, at CHRO Pembroke called “The Jubilee Five” for the next two years and had  various guests.  I also introduced my son Todd to his first T.V. show at the early age of 3 years old singing the “Birds and the Bees”.  Todd went on to become the lead singer with the band “South Mountain” as well as a very well known country entertainer.

 In October 1970 I became the proud owner of the “Swinging Door” Hotel in Wendover and formed the Pauline Noland Show.   Through the following years such guests as Paul Prunelle, Kitty Wells, Ron McMunn, Bob and Marie King, Ginger and Hal Willis, Harold McIntyre, Irwin Prescott, Bobby Lalonde, the Country Jewel, Paul Currie appeared on my Swinging Door stage.  I left the hotel business in 1985 but continued on with my singing and entertaining.  

In 1996 I was indoctrinated into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame and honoured with a citation by the Musicians Union.  

Today, I continue to entertain country audiences as a “single performer” at private parties, hospitals and  retirement residences upon request. 

It is my hope in the near future to write a book outlining my life story for my many fans!  



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